Yard-Man 30 Inch Snow Blower


Yard-Man’s 30-inch snow blower is powered by the exact same motor used to power Yard-Man’s slightly smaller 28-inch snow blower. This is a 0. 36 liter Yardman engine. It also has the same boot options. However there are a number of important differences. The first is the fact that its clearing width is 2 inches wider at 30 inches (0. 76 m). However, its entry height remains the same, 0. 53 m (21 in), although with the addition of drift-cutting blades, it can handle much deeper snow as long as it’s not too compacted.

Snow enters the Yard-Man 30-Inch Dual Stage Snow Thrower’s housing first, where it breaks up quickly thanks to the rapidly rotating toothed steel auger, easily cutting through even very wet or compacted snow and ice. As it cuts through the snow, the auger also brings it to the center of the machine where the impeller breaks it up further. The impeller consists of several steel blades and has a diameter of 0. 3 m (12 in). Once the snow passes the impeller, it is shot out of the chute, away from the snow blower. The parachute is controlled by a 4-way joystick that can move it up and down, as well as left and right. Also located at the top of the chute is the deflector, which gives the operator even greater control over the final destination of the snow.

The Yard-Man 30 Inch 2 Stage Snow Thrower comes with a 2 year warranty if you are an individual purchasing it for personal residential use. The total weight of the machine before fuel and oil have been added comes to 104. 3 kilograms (230 pounds). Click here to purchase the Yard Man 30 Inch Snow Thrower.

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