Kubota L35


The Kubota L35 tractor had a fairly reasonable production of 5 years from 1999 until it stopped working in this model in 2004. It is propelled by a 3-cylinder engine that was produced by the Kubota boys. It is a diesel engine with a 1. 6-liter displacement. This engine provides the tractor for a maximum power of 35 hp. The engine is based on the 4 × 4 mfwd 4wd chassis of the L35.

The power in the Kubota L35 is directed to the tractor wheels through the transmission box that gives it 8 marches for when it moves forward and 4 marches for when it travels in reverse. As this tractor comes with a front loader and a backhoe, many see it as a very good industrial / commercial tractor to have in a construction site. However, one of the main inconveniences of this machine is that it is not really large (only 35 hp!), So it is not particularly strong with heavy loads. The Kubota L35 has a load capacity of only 750 kg. However, the use of the loading shovel is very simple, it is enough to use the joystick. Only one joystick is needed to download and lift the spoon again, as well as to raise and lower the pen.

The backhoe is also reasonably easy to use. It has a maximum excavation depth of 2. 82 m (9. 2 feet). Use a quick hitch assembly system that connects to its hitch of 3 points of category 1. This means that the Kubota L35 can also accommodate a wide range of other optional accessories. The maximum rear elevation capacity of the 3-point hitch is 1050 kg. Use a ROPS system (antivuelco cage) of 4 columns to protect the operator in case the tractor Kubota L35 turns. It also has additional protection through a system of protection against object fall (FOPS).

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