Kubota T2380


The Kubota T2380 garden tractor mower is the largest machine in Kubota’s T-series of mowers. The other 2 models in the T series are much smaller. They are the Kubota T1880 and the Kubota T2080 riding mowers which have smaller engines and smaller cutting decks. The T 2380 has a 48-inch deck. This platform uses 2 blades. The mower deck height is controlled via a dial gauge that can be used to change the deck height over 3 inches, from 4 inches above the ground to as low as 1 inch. The mower deck is mounted to the mower using an overhead parallel hitch system. You can optionally purchase a rear bagger to collect grass clippings at the rear of the garden tractor.

The Kubota T2380 lawn mower gets its power from a 2-cylinder GH720V engine made by Kubota. This engine has a displacement of 0. 725 liters and produces 23 hp. The engine is fed from a tank that can hold up to 15 liters of gasoline. The T2380’s engine transfers power to the wheels via a hydrostatic transmission. This makes the handling of the machine very comfortable, since it is not necessary to change gear during operation.

The rear wheels on the Kubota T2380 each measure 22×11-10 (22-inch diameter, 11-inch wide, 10-inch rim diameter) while each front wheel measures 15×6-6 (15-inch diameter, 6inches wide, 6-inch rim diameter). These wheels are wide enough to easily spread the weight of the T-2380’s 285 kg (628 lbs) across the ground without leaving visible thread marks, even when the ground is especially soft. The mower’s turning radius is very reasonable at just 1. 9 m (76 inches), making it very useful in very tight areas. If you have ever owned or used this mower, be sure to leave a comment below.

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