John Deere 6030


Like many John Deere tractors these days, the John Deere 6030 is the number of model for a new JD tractor and an old one. Let’s start with the oldest version … The first JD 6030 began to be manufactured in 1972 and there were just over 4, 000 units before it ceased to be manufactured in 1977. You could choose between two engines: one diesel, turbocharged, withIntercooler, 8. 7 liters and 6 cylinders or a natural aspiration diesel engine, 8. 7 liters and 6 cylinders. The turbocharged engine turned out to be much more popular than that of natural aspiration and almost 100 times more than this was sold. The maximum power produced by either of the two engines is 176 hp.

It has a large capacity fuel tank of 276. 3 liters and a rear elevation capacity and hitch of 3 points of category 3 of 2, 680 kg. It weighs 8, 246 kg and does so with a wheelbase of 2. 64 m. It was and remains a very powerful tractor capable of supporting very large loads.

The most recent John Deere 6030 refers to a new series of tractors, 6130, 6230, 6330, 6430, 6530, 6630, 6830 and 6930. The tractors of the 6030 series are actually quite similar in purpose to the old version of the old version of theJD 6030 manufactured in the 70s, they are also battle horses, designed to pull large loads. In fact, both the old and the new version are often seen with a game of twin wheels. The new 6030 series has Powertech Plus engines capable of providing up to 25 CVs when needed in difficult environments. The 4-cylinder Powertech engine provides up to 145 hp with intelligent power management, while the 6-cylinder Powertech engine provides up to 180 hp and is obviously found in the largest models. You can also choose between Autopowr transmission, which offers an infinite selection of speeds, or Powrquad or Autoquad Plus transmissions, which allow you to optimize efficiency in the field or on the road.

Whether the John Deere 6030 is chosen new and the old, it has guaranteed the great quality that has long been associated with the John Deere tractors.

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