Husqvarna WGP4815


The Husqvarna WGP4815 Specker is the oldest and most powerful brother of the Husqvarna WGP3613 and Husqvarna WGP3213. The engine that drives the WGP 4815 is a kohler that works with gasoline. This engine uses a dr y-type air filter to prevent any dust or other small particles from entering the engine where they can potentially obstruct combustion chambers and reduce engine performance. The engine transfers the power to the wheels through a transmission system that provides 5 speeds ranging from only 3. 2 km/h (2 mph) to a maximum speed of 9. 7 km/h (6 mph).

The speed and direction of the Husqvarna Speaker WGP4815 are controlled through the controls with gun handle. The Platform of the Corteped is also controlled through these gun handling controls. The cutting platform has a total 4 8-inch cutting width that consists of 3 blades. The platform is made of durable caliber steel that is not easily deforms or is broken even under heavy or sudden loads and blows. The platform manually adjusts from a height of 5 inches on the ground to a height of 1. 5 inches. This wide range of 3. 5 inches should be enough to always obtain the finishing cut you want.

The total weight of the WGP 4815 is 213. 2 kg (470 pounds). It measures 66 inches long and has a total width of up to 59 inches if the discharge channel is down. However, when raised, the total width is only 49 inches. If you buy the Husqvarna WGP 4815 new from a distributor, it comes with a limited 3-year commercial guarantee that is an indicator of the durability and long duration of this sel f-propelled cutter.

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