Snow Joe SJ905 Snow Blower


SJ905 snow blower from Snow Joe is driven by an engine that Snow Joe designed themselves. It is an OHV Snow Joe Power engine of 0. 18 liters and 4 times that uses gasoline. As is 4 times, it is not necessary for the operator to mix gasoline and oil. The operator only has to add the oil and gasoline separately and then the engine will make the mixture by itself. This engine is air refrigerated. It is remarkably easy to start, even in very cold conditions thanks to its use of compression release technology. Like most quittings that are currently on sale, the SJ905 can be started through a selection of systems. The first is an electrical start system, in which the operator connects the machine to the electricity grid and simply press a button to start it. The other is the outdated cable setback system.

The snow joe SJ905 has a fuel tank with capacity for 1. 9 liters of gasoline. This will allow you to work continuously for more than an hour without filling it. The SJ905 can clean snow at a speed of up to 907. 2 kg/min. This is thanks to its cleaning width of 0. 61 (24 inches) and at its aspiration height of 0. 53 m (21 inches).

Within this 2 4-inch string is the endless. It has a diameter of 0. 3 m (12 inches) and is made of steel. It has dental edges that easily cut the snow and ice very compacted. This snow is then passed to the center of the SJ905 Snow Joe. Here the 1 2-inch steel driver quickly lips the snow while at the same time he expels it from the machine channeling it through the duct. The duct of this 0. 61 m (2 4-inch) quotes of Snow Joe is made of steel for greater resistance and is controlled remotely from the operator’s position through a joystick.

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