Massey Ferguson 1150


The Massey Ferguson 1150 is a large drag tractor manufactured by the MF team. This specific tractor was manufactured for 2 years, from 1970 to 1972. The MF 1150 is equipped with a Perkins AV8. 510 diesel engine. It is a very powerful 8-cylinder and 16 valves engine. It is a very powerful 8-cylinder and 16 valves engine. The engine displacement is 8. 3 liters. It is refrigerated by a large liquid cooling system that requires 45. 4 liters of refrigerant to fill it completely. Use a double dry air filter element to clean air admission. The monstrous MF 1150 engine produces an impressive 146 hp power, which was a huge amount for the early seventies. The oil that needed this Diesel Perkins engine was 18. 9 liters to fill it completely from a vacuum.

The Massey Ferguson 1150 uses a Massey Multi Power transmission for partial power change that provides 12 marches when moving forward and 4 marches in reverse. This transmission box requires 60. 6 liters (16 US gallons) to completely fill it. The MF 1150 fuel tank may contain a maximum of 189. 3 liters of diesel. The hydraulic system integrated into the tractor needs 60. 6 liters of hydraulic fluid to fill it completely.

The Massey Ferguson 1150 includes a hitch of 3 points of category 2 with a large rear lift capacity. The transport weight of the MF 1150 is 6, 064 kg, but increases by 100 kg to 6, 164 kg when it works normally. The maximum safety weight that the ballast tractor can weigh is 10262 kg (22625 lbs). The Massey Ferguson 1150 measures 4. 33 m (170. 7 inches) long and has a wheelbase of 2. 74 m (108 inches). The MF 1150 was a very popular drag tractor many years ago and continues to be today. You may even see it in classic tractors drag tournaments.

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