John Deere X748

John Deere X748

A cross between a compact tractor and an over-sized lawn tractor, the John Deere X748 is likely to appeal to a wide audience. It’s ideal for professional gardeners who want to deliver precision results on large areas of grass.

It’s also suitable for caravan and leisure parks and it’s got what it takes to cut large mowing down to size in school grounds, campuses and business parks. With an optional homologation kit, the X748 can even go on the road, but with a top speed of 8.5mph it is the slowest of the machines we test.

The first thing we notice is comfort. It’s got a six-way adjustable seat and tilt steering wheel. It’s also got cruise control, dial-in cutting height and the deck lowers at the push of a button. Start it up and the second thing we notice is the power. It has a 24hp diesel engine and it will take red diesel to cut costs.

The large fuel tank has a maximum capacity to hold 24.6 liters (6.5 US gallons) of diesel. It also has a category 1, 3 point hitch meaning that it can take a large quantity of different attachments to make it a truly versatile machine. The John Deere X748 is constructed on a 4×4 MFWD 4WD chassis to give the operator extra control over the lawnmower. The 12 volt battery on the JD X748 is charged via a 40 amp alternator.

This thing is awesome! I was very seriously thinking about going brand new, but I don’t like that the new ones don’t have a factory loader option, so I started looking used. There were a few near misses, but then I came across this, and the rest is well, history. Bought it from the original owner, it’s a 2007 with 308 hours on it. Waxed weekly by the po. I paid a decent amount, probably even a little high, but I was comfortable with it. Something just felt right (similar feeling that I had with the 332). Po. Traded for a 1 series, and the dealer told me they had 3 on the lot. This guy waxed all three to pick the one he wanted. I believe it too, there isn’t a scratch on this X.

Anyway, I mowed my lawn immediately after it arrived, then began looking for others to mow lol. I’ve put 3 hours on it, and it’s an absolute joy to run. Very comfortable! I didn’t think I needed 4wd, but I’m glad I have it. I think I’ll get use out of it fall plowing and moving snow. I find myself looking for things to use it for. Plan is a 3pt, and separate wheels for ag tires for all the non lawn related jobs. Anyway, for those who haven’t seen it, here it is

The John Deere X748 ride on tractor lawn mower is one of the largest models available in the JD x700 series range. It is powered by a powerful Yanmar 3TNV76 diesel engine. It is unlike many John Deere tractor lawn mowers to have a diesel engine, but since the engine is the size of a small tractor at 1.1 liters, it’s not the unexpected. The 3 cylinder Yanmar engine is liquid cooled and requires 2.8 liters of coolant to fully fill the cooling system. The engine produces 24 hp, a very large engine for a sit on lawnmower indeed. The JD X748 has been specifically designed so that it needs a minimum amount of maintenance; it’s multi disk clutch pack is self adjusting so in the case that they become slightly worn, it’s not a major problem and they will not require servicing.

As the tractor truly is quite large, it’s understandable that it weighs in at 504 kg (1113 lbs). It has a maximum height of 1.27 m (50 inches) and wheelbase of 1.41 m (55.7 inches). The John Deere X748 measures 1.18 m (46.8 inches) wide and it’s 2m (78.8 inches) long. The overall width of the lawn mower will increase depending on the mower deck attached. It can accommodate a 48 inch, 54 inch or 62 inch mower deck whose height can be changed to within one quarter of a inch. There is also another version of the JD X748 mower; the John Deere X748SE garden tractor lawn mower is slightly different in that has a marginally bigger seat and a better brush guard.

The John Deere X700 select series tractor can be used for a number of different jobs with tons of attachments, heavy duty steel frame, and 4WD with Four wheel steering. We found ourselves wondering where the X748 would work best for someone, whether on a farm or residential property, and we came up with some interesting insights for both.


  • Brand:John Deere
  • Model:X748
  • Year since:2006
  • Price for sale:$7.000 – $12.000

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  1. RW Brown

    I have owned and operated seven lawn and garden tractors with approximately ten different implements. This X748 is the best I have had. It is a workhorse and is a joy to operate. I live in south Texas where it is always hot and dusty. I have not had the overheating problems that others have commented about. If you read the operator’s manual, it cautions to regularly blow out the radiator fins and keep the side panels and rear intake panels free of grass clippings. I blow the radiator fins out with air or water once a month during the summer and I continuously hand wipe the clippings from the intake panels. I have not had any overheating problems.

  2. Plante

    Excellent machine so far!

  3. Hills

    The machine is well maintained and always washed and stored inside. I have a ongoing problem with it overheating. It seems I’m not the only one. Deere will not help. For the cost this is a sad day for Deere.