John Deere SST16


The John Deere SST16 spectacés has an older brother and a younger brother. His older brother is the John Deere SST18 spectacle, while the John Deere SST15 is the little brother of the SST16. The JD SST16 is better known for the fact that it uses differential management technology to turn 180 degrees in a ten cents. Although it has the appearance of a normal corteped, it actually has a zero turn radius when it does not travel very fast. The engine that acts on this John Deere’s grass cutter is an engine of the Briggs and Stratton V twin cylinder that is cooling by air. Provide that 16 hp.

Thanks to its Twin Touch pedal and its transmission system, the John Deere SST16 is automatic, it reaches a maximum speed of 8. 8 km/h and is very easy to drive. The SST16 JD comes standard with a 4 2-inch cutting platform, but has the option to crush the grass cuts or download them on the side of the cutting platform. You can also attach a 7 BUSHEL tidker to the back of the machine to collect the grass cuts. In addition to cutting the grass, this tractor can also house a wide range of implements, from launches to front blades, passing through utilitarian cars, scrapers and stands.

The weight of the John Deere SST16 is 290 kg. However, its minimum rotation radius is 0 m (0 inches). The JD SST16 was manufactured for 3 years, from 2000 to 2003. This would indicate that, although SST technology is certainly useful among standard scope, it still has to become fashionable and implemented in all the hostages.

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I love the more I learn about the most than 2.

I just bought a SST16 and I’m looking for a plow for him. Thanks Sr Haith

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