Toro Power Max 726 OE Snow Blower


The Toro Power Max 726 OE Snow Blower is truly a monster. It is powered by a Briggs and Stratton Snow Series engine that has been specifically designed for snow plowing. This 4-stroke engine has a displacement of 0. 2 liters. The Toro 726 OE is started by a recoil system (the traditional pull start system) or by an electric start switch. This starter switch is not battery operated. The Toro 726 must be plugged into the mains to use the electric start.

The 14-in. toothed steel Power Max auger sits in a 26-in. (0. 66 m) wide opening and can shred 1, 900 lbs. (862 kg) of snow per minute, making light work of even large areas requiringcleaning. After the auger cuts through the snow, it is directed toward a 12-inch (0. 3 m) wide steel impeller that sucks the snow up and expels it out the Toro 726 OE deflector. The impeller blade on this dual-stage snow thrower provides so much force that it can throw snow up to 45 ft. (13. 7 m). The steel deflector on the Toro 726 OE snowthrower can rotate 180 degrees, allowing the operator to choose where to direct unwanted snow.

The Toro Power Max 726 OE snow blower understandably requires more fuel than its smaller cousins like the Toro 221Q snow blower and Toro CCR 2450 GTS snow thrower and as such has a fuel tank capable of holding 3 liters of gasoline. Using a friction disc transmission, the Toro 726 OE has 6 speeds when in forward and 2 when in reverse. It uses X Trac tires that offer better grip even in icy conditions.

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