Kubota KX41


The Kubota Kx41 excavator is propelled by a D902-E3 engine designed and manufactured by Kubota. This diesel engine has a maximum power of 12. 7 hp of its 0. 9 liter engine. The excavator measures 3. 6 m long and 1. 3 m wide. Its total height to the upper part of the roof is 2. 28 m (7 feet, 6 inches). The KX41 uses a hydraulic system that provides its spoon for a maximum boot force of 1590 kg (3505 lbs). The maximum starting force of the excavator arm is 793 kg.

The length of the caterpillars of the Kubota KX41 is 1. 59 m (63 inches), which allows you2. 3 km/h (1. 5 mph). The width of the KX 41 excavator shoe is 0. 23 m (9 inches). The oil tank can contain up to 27 liters of hydraulic fluid. The total operating weight of the excavator is 1, 675 kg.

As the excavator is not especially solid, use rubber caterpillars, not steel. The Kubota KX41 comes with a standard cover that has a rops (ant i-uelco cage) incorporated. The maximum excavation height of this excavator is 3. 56 m (140 inches), while its maximum discharge height is 2. 47 m (97 inches). The excavation radius of the excavator is 3. 93 m (156 inches). This excavator is very often seen in small residential works doing everything, from the excavation of foundations for extensions to small gardening work. If you are looking for a small mobile excavator, which does not completely destroy your grass, then you should definitely think of this Kubota.

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