Craftsman GT3000


The Craftsman GT3000 Lawn Mower Garden Tractor is a fairly powerful machine from the Craftsman team. This model of garden tractor is sometimes known by its serial number, Craftsman 27502. The engine that powers this mower is a twin from the Kohler Pro range of engines. This engine has cast iron cylinder liners and is cooled byair. It uses a paper element air filter to prevent dust and other particles from entering the combustion chambers and clogging them during operation. The engine runs on gasoline. It transfers power to the rear wheels through a hydrostatic transmission. This transmission gives the GT 3000 unlimited speeds both forward and reverse.

As the fuel tank on the Craftsman GT3000 that powers the engine is so large, capable of holding up to 13. 2 liters (3. 5 US gallons) it is quite obvious that this machine is favored among professionals as well as homeowners as it means you needrarely be refilled during operation. The front axle on the GT3000 is made from cast iron which means it’s pretty unlikely to break even if you happen to subject it to massive or sudden stresses. The Craftsman 27502 engine transmits power to the rear wheels. These are quite large, which means they almost never leave thread marks. Each measures 23×10. 5 (23 inches in diameter, 10. 5 inches wide).

The engine in the Craftsman GT3000 is battery started and the entire machine comes with a 2 year limited warranty as standard when you first purchase it (new). This mower is good for mowing lawns that range from 0. 5 to 4 acres in size. Models similar to this include the Craftsman GT4000 and Craftsman GT5000 garden tractor lawn mowers.

7 Reviews of the Craftsman GT3000

I got one for free. I needed to brush the cables from the battery, from the starter motor, and from the solenoid to the starter motor. I put the new battery in and removed the air filter and spark plugs. It cranked for twenty seconds, then reinstalled the spark plugs and pulled the choke. It started again with a morse code like starting fluid spray at the carb inlet. She fired up immediately and continued to spray until she started to cough, then slowly opened the choke. I had to throttle the choke valve for a few minutes. Then put the tube on the right side tires. After using it for a few weeks, the 23hp Commando is smooth and powerful. The deck should have an inch or two more to raise when not mowing. Airing up the rear tires gives this heavy-duty mower more traction. Steering and alignment are lax. It should last another twenty years by being overbuilt but at the cost of clumsy operation. It’s pretty fast without mods. Our Poulan 17hp 42″ is 95 pounds lighter and feels like a go cart after using this one. Our john deere 130 48″ is somewhere in the middle of performance. Our Yardman 25hp 52″ is lighter than this 48″ and I would probably use it a lot more if it didn’t have the comet-style variable centrifugal clutch. Now that’s a fake hydrostatic folks!

I bought the GT3000 in 2002 and used the wheel weights from my Wheel Horse tractor on the rear wheels to improve traction on a hill behind our house. I have just over 600 hours on the 25hp Kohler Pro Command Engine. The deck is a 10 gauge steel stamped deck and in the last 19 years I have only replaced the blade belt twice. I have recently replaced the worn front tires and front wheel hubs and wheel axles. Just did routine annual maintenance on it and it’s still running strong. Seat vinyl on both sides cracked several years ago but other than this still looks great given its age.

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