Cub Cadet H1536


The CUB Cadet H1536 Speaker is part of the wide area of wide area hydrostatic machines that are much larger than the 2 1-inch normal spectacles that most people are accustomed. H 1536 obtains its power of a tw o-cylinder gasoline Kawasaki engine that provides a maximum power of 15 hp. The engine starts by setback and has a pressure lubrication system so that everything works perfectly. The engine is not overheats thanks to an air cooling system. The operator controls the speed and direction of the corteped by gun handle controls.

From them, the operator can control the displacement speed of the CUAD CADET H1536. The power is transferred from the engine to the wheels through a parker wheel motion system and Hydro-Gear pumps. This allows the H 1536 to reach a maximum speed of 11. 3 km/h. The power is transferred to the rear wheels that measure each 16 × 6. 5-8 (16 inches in diameter, 6. 5 inches of width, 8 inches of tire diameter). The rear wheels have a grass thread to grab it without risk of destroying it. The front wheels are actually smooth or “bald”, without grip, since they are only necessary to balance the cutter and facilitate their turn. Each front wheel is 9 × 3. 5-4 (9 inches in diameter, 3. 5 inches of width, 4 inches in tire diameter).

The total weight of the CUB Cadet H1536 cadet is 242. 2 kg (534 lbs). Its roof has a width of 36 inches (cutting width). This cover is made of the 10th calibrator steel and the houses 2 blades driven inside. The roof has a 2-inch range from a 2-inch bass to a 4-inch high on Earth. If you have used or even had the H 1536 spectacle, please leave your opinion about him leaving a comment below.

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