Toro 74953 G3 Commercial Series Lawn Mower


The 74953 G3 G3 Cortation of the Commercial Series is the largest and most powerful machine of the G3 Commercial Series of Toro. The smallest and least powerful models include the 74951 G3 G3 G3 Series Mower and El Toro 74952 G3 Commercial Series Mower. The 74953 bull is propelled by a Kawasaki engine of the FH series that has a power of 24 hp. This engine acts both the blades of the 5 2-inch mapping platform and the rear wheels. The power reaches the rear wheels through a double hydrostatic transmission that allows the person who handles this zero rotation host control both the speed and the machine direction using only the lap bars. These lap bars are operated by hand while there is a standing pedal to lift and lower the top of the cutter.

The 74953 g3 g3 corteped platform of the commercial series is super strong, having been built of caliber steel 7. The cutting height of this ‘Turbo Force’ cortempted can be adjusted very precisely from as low as 1. 5 inches of theground up as high as 4. 5 inches above the ground in small increases of 0. 25 inches.

To collect the grass cuts, the 74953 g3 g3 of the Tour Zero Commercial Series can choose between 2 different rear tiders. The first is a standard dual (or triple) mesh bass that must be emptied by hand, an activity that sometimes takes a long time. However, the other bag 74953 bull system is the E-Z Vac DFS collection system, which allows it to remain in the operator’s seat when it pours the grass cuts. Do not forget that you can also use a Mulching Reycler system on the platform of this cutter to crush the grass cuts, which causes them to rot quickly and return their nutrients to the ground.

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