John Deere LX188


The John Deere LX188 was a reasonably popular cutter, enjoying a production that lasted 7 years from 1991 to 1998 when production ceased. If you are looking for a smaller model of the ‘LX’ series, then you may be interested in the John Deere LX176 or the John Deere Lx178. The JD LX188 engine is a Kawasaki FD501V model of 0. 437 liters and 2 cylinders. This gasoline engine is natural aspiration and requires 1. 5 liters of oil to keep it completely lubricated and functioning efficiently. The total power of this engine is 17 hp. Unlike many John Deere hostages, the JD LX188 is cooked by liquid, not by air.

Before reaching the John Deere LX188 wheels, the engine power is transferred through a TUFF Torq K61 hydrostatic transmission that provides the infinite speeds to scroll by moving forward and infinite speeds also when going back. There is an option of 3 various platforms of the size of the size that are compatible with the JD LX188; The smallest is a cutting platform with a 3 8-inch cutting width. The following size has a 4 4-inch cut width. The largest cover of the corteped that is compatible with this corteped is a 4 8-inch cutting cover. While there is no cabin for this host, you can use an umbrella of the sun instead to keep the sun off during the summer.

However, during the winter, the John Deere LX188 also remains useful, only not to cut the grass. Thanks to its ability to adapt to many JD accessories, the JD LX188 can also use a snow blower mounted on the front or a chitanieves blade. In addition, if you do not want to simply expel grass cuts on the side of the machine, you can attach a tidker in the rear to pick them up. Click here to get more information about this host on the official John Deere site.

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