John Deere 60


The John Deere 60 is now a vintage, classic tractor. It replaced the John Deere A before being replaced by the John Deere 620. It lasted only 4 years in production, when it was built in Waterloo, Iowa, in the USA, but it was very popular with over 55, 000 units produced in that short time. span of time, including the variants of the JD 60 that were built, the 60S, the 60S6, the 60-O, the 60H.

The John Deere 60 was available with many different engines when it was made. You had a choice of 3 engines; a 2 cylinder, 5. 3 liter, gasoline engine, a 2 cylinder, 5. 3 liter, all fuel engine or a 2 cylinder, 5. 3 liter LP gas engine. All these engines were manufactured by John Deere itself, which was important at the time, as it guaranteed their quality. The engine had a maximum power of 41 hp. The JD 60 was a six-speed tractor, which topped out at 11mph or 17. 7kph going forward, while its single reverse gear did 3mph or 4. 8kph going in reverse, giving it good speed. for the time.

Like many previous John Deere models, the JD 60 was quite heavy, even with only 41 horsepower. It weighed 2, 630 kg when operating normally with a full tank. But once ballasted, the weight of the John Deere 60 increases to 3, 356 kg, which is quite heavy and not something you want to carry around. Unfortunately for many antique collectors, the ’60 model they are looking at is often very different from its original, having been modified or had its engine upgraded as the years have passed and parts have become damaged.

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