McCulloch PM85 Snow Blower


The McCulloch PM85 snow blower is a step forward in the power of the McCulloch Mc621 snow blower and even the McCulloch PM55 Dual Stage snow blower. It is propelled by a Briggs and Stratton Snow Series engine very strong and robust. As will probably guess by the name “Snow Series”, this engine has been specifically designed by Briggs and Stratton for use in snow blowers. So not only uses its power very efficiently and efficiently, but it is also relatively easy to start, even when it is very cold outside.

Thanks to its disk transmission, the doubl e-stage McCulloch PM85 snow blower has an infinite number of marches when moving forward or backward. This is a fantastic addition to the machine, since it means that you do not need to be constantly changing march (something that is very difficult anyway when it is cold outside). The cleaning width of the McCulloch PM85 snow launcher of 2 stages is 0. 68 m (26. 8 inches), which allows you to cope with large snow sections in a single pass. The engine has several starting options. You can choose to start it with a traction cable, setback system that requires a little muscle. Or if you are close to a plug, you just have to plug and press the electric start button.

Both the monkey and the parachute deflector of the McCulloch PM85 launch are controlled by the operator from the command post, which allows you to make adjustments on the march without having to stop the machine. The total weight of PM 85 is 110 kg.

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