Kubota M5640SU


The Special Utractor Kubota M5640SU is part of the great M series of Kubota tractors. The engine that propels M 5640 is designed and manufactured by Kubota, as well as most current Kubota tractors engines. It is a V2403-T E-TVCS engine fed with diesel. The 4-cylinder engine has a total size of 2, 434 liters and a power of 56 hp. This turbocharged engine is refrigerated by liquid and obtains the diesel of a fuel tank that can contain up to 50 liters of diesel. The engine is equipped with a doubl e-type doubl e-type air filter that prevents dust and other small particles from entering the combustion chamber and obstructing the engine. The engine is launched using a 12 volt battery system. This battery is recharged by an alternator of 40 amps once the engine is running.

The engine of the Kubota M5640su tractor passes the power to the wheels through a gearbox. This gearbox provides M 5640su 8 marches when moving forward and 4 for when you go back. This transmission uses a dry cave clutch to change march. The tractor engine also operates the rear TDF, which has a nominal regime of 540 rpm.

The other important thing that the Kubota M5640su engine is the hydraulic system, which is responsible for operating the backhoe and the front loader. The hydraulic system gives to the 3-point hitch in the rear a maximum lifting capacity of 1500 kg (3310 lbs). When buying the new M5640su, you have the option to acquire it with a hitch of 3 points of category 1 or category 2. The weight of this tractor varies between 1700 kg (3747 lbs) and 1750 kg (3858 lbs). The Kubota M7040su tractor is very similar to this, except that it is a bit more powerful.

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