John Deere AS11E Snow Push


The series of snow pushers as11e by John Deere is the improved line of the Snow As10h of John Deere. It has the very intelligent and useful steel edge that is loaded by spring and so you hits a fixed object, while you are operating, you will not damage the snow thrust, the steel edge with just turning and the thrust ofSnow will pass over it without damage. There are 3 different variants of the JD AS11E. The first is the John Deere As11e-8. This is the smallest remote leaf in the group. It has a total width of 2. 5 m (98. 4 inches) and a height of 1. 01 m (40 inches). The real cut width of the AS11E-8 is 2. 49 m (98 inches), while its cutting depth is 1. 05 m (41. 5 inches). It weighs 431 kg (950 lbs) when sent, but once in operation, this weight drops to 408. 2 kg (900 lbs).

The next model of the range is John Deere’s snowflower. This model has a total width of 2. 8 m (110. 4 inches), while the height remains at 1. 01 m (40 inches). The cutting width is 2. 79 m (110 inches), while the cutting depth is 1. 05 m (41. 5 inches). AS11E-9 weighs 450 kg when sent, but lowers 427. 7 kg when it is totally operational.

The largest model of the series is the Snow Pusiner As11e-10 by John Deere. It has a total width of 3. 05 m (119, 875 inches), while its height is the same as that of the other two smaller models in the series, 1. 01 m (40 inches). The cutting width of the AS11E-10 when it is totally operational is 3. 04 m (119 inches) and has a cutting depth of 1. 05 m (41. 5 inches), again the same as the previous models ofthe Serie. The total I11E-10 JD sending weight is 467. 3 kg (1030 lbs), but once in operation, it inclines the balance at 444. 5 kg (980 lbs). These are the largest removed leaves you can acquire for your John Deere. If you are looking for something smaller or for a much smaller John Deere tractor, take a look at the John Deere Af11 snow series.

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