John Deere 1565


The John Deere 1565 is the ‘mac daddy’ of front-end mowers. This model is much larger than the other commercial front mowers in JD’s current range, such as the John Deere 1445 or the John Deere 1545. The first thing that will strike you is its power. The JD 1565 is powered by a large Yanmar, diesel engine. This 3-cylinder engine has a displacement of 1. 64 liters and produces a whopping 38bhp, something you’d expect from a large compact utility tractor, not a riding mower! The liquid cooling system that prevents engine overheating contains 7. 6 liters of water. The fuel tank has a capacity for 60. 6 liters of diesel.

The John Deere 1565 gear system is hydrostatic with the ability to shift between Hi and Lo speeds. The maximum speed in the high range is 24. 1 km/h, while in the low range it is 12. 9 km/h. Speed is controlled by an internal wet disk. Speed is controlled by an internal oil bath disc brake system. When you buy the new JD 1565, you can get it with a hard (or soft) cab, which is ideal if you plan to use it in inclement weather. Don’t forget that you can also use various accessories with this mower. These include a 47-inch and 60-inch snow blower, as well as a 54-inch and 60-inch front blade.

The mower deck options on the John Deere 1565 are very good as well. You can attach a number of front mounted mower decks from 54 inches to 72 inches in cutting width to it. Many of these decks are 7 Iron II series which are much more durable than your average mower deck thanks to the fact that they are constructed of 7 gauge steel. Total shipping weight of the JD 1565 comes in at 858. 7 kilograms (1893 lbs.) without the mower tethered.

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