Kubota L4740


The Kubota L4740 compact utractor tractor is one of the mi d-range models of the L40 series of compact tractors. Larger and powerful models include the Kubota L5040, while if you are looking for something that is a little smaller, then you can consider the Kubota L3940 or the Kubota L4240 compact utility tractors. The L4740 tractor comes with the option of an open operator station with only a folding antivuelco bar (Rops) or with a cabin. Obviously, the cabin model will be a bit more expensive and a little heavier. Without cabin, the tractor weighs only 1, 620 kg, while with the cabin weighs 1, 815 kg.

The engine that propels the Kubota L4740 is an E-TVCS engine designed and manufactured by Kubota that you will find in all Kubota L40 tractors. This engine produces a maximum of 49 hp and up to 41. 5 hp through the strength. The engine is 4 times fed by diesel. It has a total displacement of 2, 434 liters and is aligned vertically. The engine is atmospheric and starts using a 1 2-volt battery that supplies 582 amps of cold starting power. The L4740 engine has a nominal regime of 2700 rpm.

The Kubota L4740 fuel tank has a capacity for a maximum of 54 liters of diesel. At the rear of the tractor, you will find a hitch of 3 points of category 1. This hitch has a maximum elevation capacity. The L 4740 engine feeds the hydraulic system and provides a total hydraulic flow of 55. 6 liters/minute. If you have ever had or used this tractor, be sure to leave a comment below so that others can get an idea of whether or not it is a piece of quality machinery.

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