Husqvarna WH5217


The Husqvarna Wh5217 is a hydrostatic host with a foot driver. This machine uses a tw o-cylinder kawasaki engine produced by 17 hp, just like the HF3617 Husqvarna, except that it has a much larger cut width, 52 inches. The engine transfers the power to the wheels through a Kizaki pump and a Parker wheel motor system. This transmission system provides WH 5217 a maximum speed of 9. 7 km/h when it moves forward, while reverse can reach a maximum speed of 4. 8 km/h. The wheels that drive the cutter measure each 16 × 6. 5-8 (16 inches in diameter, 6. 5 inches of width, 8 inches of tire diameter). These rear wheels have a grass thread, while the fronts are totally smooth, since their main function is to keep the balanced host and be able to turn easily.

The 5 2-inch platform of Husqvarna Wh 5217 has 3 blades. The platform is fixed and manufactured in 1 0-inch caliber steel. The platform rises and lowers manually using a sprin g-assisted lever mechanism. Fortunately the Wh5217 has high resistance spindles that are very durable. This cutting platform, when it works in optimal conditions can cut up to 2. 5 grass acres.

When you buy the new Husqvarna, new, it comes with a limited commercial guarantee of 3 years, which gives you an idea of your long useful life. Wh 5217 weighs 220 kg (485 lbs) which means that fortunately it is not as heavy as Husqvarna Whf6123 or Husqvarna Whf5223. If you have ever had or used this sel f-propelled host, tell us your experience by leaving a comment below. Try to include both good and bad things he found when using this machine to give a general perspective.

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