Kubota GR2100


The Kubota GR2100 spectacle is a modern corter tractor that works with a D782 engine designed and manufactured by Kubota. This diesel engine avoids overheating by using a cooling system full of water. It is a 3-cylinder engine with a displacement of 0. 778 liters and has a maximum power of 21 hp. This drives the wheels of the GR2100 corteped through a hydrostatic transmission that gives it an infinite number of marches when it moves forward and an infinite number of marches when it moves back everything controlled by a single pedal. The engine fortunately sits on a 4 × 4 mfwd 4wd chassis that gives it fantastic control, especially when you have to work in wet time.

The Kubota GR2100 has a maximum forward speed of 16. 1 km/h, while in reverse can only reach 8 km/h. The mowing platform that comes standard with the GR2100 measures 1. 22 m (48 inches) wide. The platform rises and descends through a hydraulic elevation system. The total number of blades of the cutting platform is 3. The cutting height of the cutting platform can be adjusted from 25 mm to 102 mm.

The total length of the Kubota GR2100 with the coupled borrower is 2. 88 m (113. 4 inches). It has a width of 1. 28 m, a wheelbase of 1. 28 m and a height that measures 1. 23 m. The GR2100 does not come with an antivuelco bar. This is probably due to the fact that it is relatively wide compared to its length and has a low center of gravity, as well as not being as heavy as most compact tractors. The cutter weighs 430 kg. This corteped uses the Kubota ‘glide steer’ steering system that allows it to turn much more abruptly compared to other similar cutter tractors of this size. This causes the Kubota GR2100 to have very practical even in gardens that have many small corners and other grass patches to which it is normally difficult to arrive.

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