Husqvarna LZ6130


The Zero Husqvarna Lz6130 Giro Cortation is one of the large commercial machines produced by Husqvarna. It is similar in size and power to the Husqvarna LZF6127, to the Husqvarna PZ6029FX and to the Husqvarna PZ6030CV. The LZ 6130 cutting platform has a 6 1-inch cutting width. While the cutting width is 61 inches, its total width is really 75 inches because there is a very large and long protective duct (safety) on the right side of the roof that directs the grass cuts outside the roof and prevents it fromThey fly up in the air. This corteped is clearly for heavy use as the cutter cover is made of 7 stamped steel caliber.

This 7-caliber stamped steel is very unlikely to crack, double, buckle or break even in the hardest conditions. This is thanks to the fact that there are much less joints or welds that are broken (compared to a 7-walled or welded caliber cover). In the Husqvarna LZ6130 there are 6 small antical plastic wheels. Its function is to guide the cutting platform gently by the grass, without allowing it to be “hook” on the ground, which can cause antistnetic friction and scars.

The Husqvarna Lz6130 cutting platform has a great reach. It can be raised up to 15 cm above the ground in cases where the grass is very humid, long or dense. But it can also be lowered to 2. 5 cm above the ground. LZ 6130 is a high quality machine that weighs 480. 8 kg. Please leave your opinion about this corteped below by leaving a comment about it.

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