Kubota M110X


Many see the Kubota M110X tractor as the slightly greater brother, but very similar, of the Kubota M100X, since both use the same engine and transmission/gearbox. The M110 X engine is a V3800-Ti-Frs. This turbocharged engine produces impressive 107. 5 hp from its 3. 7 7-liter displacement. The engine works at a nominal speed of 2600 rpm. He also uses a silencer in his exhaust pipe under the hood. The maximum travel speed of the tractor is 34. 5 km/h (21. 4 mph). This engine also operates the hydraulic system of the M 110x tractor, providing a total flow capacity of 133. 5 l/min (35. 3 US galones per minute).

This hydraulic system activates the 3-point hitch in the back of the Kubota M110X. The 3-point hitch is category 2, which means that it is compatible with a wide range of rear implements. The lifting capacity of the hitch is 2360 kg, but can increase up to 4285 kg when two assistance cylinders are used. The hydraulic system also activates the hydrostatic assisted direction. Obviously, the hydraulic system is controlled from the cabin. Here you will also find a totally adjustable pneumatic seat, with armrests and seat belt. The cabin also has an air heater and an air conditioner, as well as a 1 2-volt take to use your phone or even connect a radio.

The total weight of the Kubota M110X is 4105 kg (9050 lbs). It is compatible with a front loader Kubota la1953 that has a maximum boot force of 6576 lbs. The loader has a maximum elevation force of 2380 kg (5247 lbs). You will find that the M110X is a quality tractor that is capable of transporting quite heavy loads, as well as performing a series of other works on your farm.

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