John Deere WE80


Most people associate John Deere with seat cutter, but also manufacture a range of thrust of incredible quality thrust. John Deere We80 is an example of this. This small manual corteped is propelled by a Kawasaki gasoline engine. The engine is only 0. 179 liters of size and propels the cutter up to 6. 6 kph (4. 1 mph). The engine has a very long shelf life thanks to using a doubl e-stage air filter to purify air inlet.

The John Deere We80 has 3 operating speeds so that the operator can always find a displacement rate that is comfortable. The total width of the JD We80 comes to 22 inches, while the cutting width is 21 inches. To treat the grass cuts, you have the option to download them on the floor and let them rot, or in their place you can pick them up in the tissue that is linked to the back of the machine. The borrowing has a capacity of 2. 5 Bushel. The cutting platform is aluminum and can be lowered to only 2. 5 cm from the ground. It can be raised up to 4 inches above the ground when long grass is cut.

The fuel tank of the John Deere We80 can contain up to 1. 8 liters of gasoline, sufficient fuel for more than an hour of continuous operation. One thing that people will find pleasant is that the handlebar is ergonomically designed for their hands so they are less likely to numb after long hours of continuous operation. The models similar to the JD We80 include the John Deere We85 and the sel f-propelled cutters John Deere G15.

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