Cub Cadet H1748


The sel f-propelled cadet h1748 h1748 is very similar to Cub Cadet H1536, except that it is much larger and a bit more powerful. The engine that acts is a twin cylinder of Kawasaki with the top valves. This engine is something that you would normally find on a shortstop as it produces 17 horsepower. Fortunately you do not have to worry about a transmission of the pull of the beginning because it ignites electrically. The Kawasaki engine activates the H1748 to a maximum speed of (7mph) that means that you could potentially run behind it just to continue with it.

The Kawasaki engine transfers the power to the rear wheels through a double Hydro-GEAR/Rueda Parker Motor system. This system is controlled through the handlebar with gun handle. The deceleration of the CUADET H1748 is performed by internal drum brakes also controlled from the gu n-type handlebar. The H 1748 cut platform is activated manually. This platform is made of 10 caliber steel. The 3 blades housed inside the platform are engaged by manual force. The three blades are activated by means of a belt transmission system.

To treat grass cuts in the CUB Cadet H1748, the standard option is simply downloading them on the side on the grass. However, this is not acceptable to everyone. If you feel that this is unacceptable, then you can use an optional Mulching kit to convert the cuts into a rapid decomposition mulch. Or alternately, you can use a rear bag accessory to pick them up, which will make your grass look much cleaner. If you are looking for something bigger and powerful than the H1748 spectacle, you should take a look at the Cub Cadet H1952.

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