John Deere LX288


The John Deere LX288 is the second most powerful top of the ‘LX’ series by John Deere. It is propelled by a tw o-cylinder Kawasaki engine that pumps 18 horsepower. This natural aspiration engine is refrigerated by liquid (it is necessary to fill the cooling system with 2. 6 liters of refrigerant to completely fill the system). The lubrication system needs to be filled with 1. 7 liters of motor oil to fill it completely from a vacuum. Using a TUFF Torq transmission system, driving the JD LX288 is very easy because there are no marches, only Twin Touch pedals to change speed and alternate between forward and reverse march.

Many people especially like the John Deere Lx288 because it does much more than cutting the grass. A front blade can be attached to remove dirt or can be used to remove snow. However, covering a John Deere snow blower to the front is the best option to clean the snow. You can also attach a front unblocking to eliminate the moss from the grass and favor its growth. There are also a large number of towable tools, such as utilitarian cars, darts and stands that can be fostered quickly and easily to the back of the machine.

The John Deere LX288 spectacés can be equipped with different platform sizes. These are 38 inches, 42 inches, 48 inches and 54 inches. However, you should make that the bigger the mowing cover that you bind to your John Deere website, the more energy you will need to function optimal. Therefore, if the grass is particularly long or wet, you can find that the largest covers of the cutter do not work so effectively when compared to the smallest.

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