John Deere 1070


The John Deere 1070 Compact Utility Tractor is a popular and highly regarded machine that is still in use on farms and large gardens today. The JD 1070 went out of production over 10 years ago, in 1998. It was replaced by the John Deere 4600 tractor. The JD 1070 has a 4TN84 engine. The engine is a 4-cylinder model that uses a liquid cooling system that needs to be filled with 5. 8 liters of water from empty. The engine runs on a compression ratio of 17. 8 to 1. The pressure lubrication system that keeps the engine running smoothly can hold up to 5. 3 liters of engine oil. The engine is atmospheric and has a total displacement of 1. 9 liters.

The 38. 5 horsepower produced by the engine is delivered to the wheels via a partially synchronized transmission, which uses a dry clutch for gear changing. This gearbox provides the John Deere 1070 with 9 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds. The gearbox has an oil capacity of 20. 8 liters. It gives the JD 1070 a top speed of 19. 8 km/h when moving forward, but when reversing, its top speed is just 7. 7 km/h. The tractor is built around various chassis. You can choose the standard model which is a 4X2 2WD chassis or instead get it with the optional 4X4 MFWD 4WD chassis.

The John Deere 1070 engine also powers the hydraulic system. This gives the 3-point hitch (category 1) a maximum rear lift capacity of 916 kg (2020 lbs). The total weight of this tractor is 1, 481 kg when built with the 4X4 chassis, but the model built with the 4X2 chassis weighs 1, 351 kg. The tractor comes with a choice of tires, either standard ag-thread tires or turf-thread tires. Other smaller models in the same series are the John Deere 870 and John Deere 970 tractors.

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