John Deere 322


The John Deere 322 spectacés is a very popular model of the late eighties and early nineties that remains immensely popular today. This John Deere spectacle enjoyed a 4-year production since 1988 when it started leaving the production lines in Horicon, Wisconsin until 1992 when the production of JD 322 ceased. A robust Yanmar 3TN66uj engine is used to boost the forward cortevery andTurn the blades on the cutting platform. This 3-cylinder gasoline engine has a displacement of 0. 658 liters and uses a liquid cooling system to avoid overheating. The total engine power is 18 hp.

This power is transferred to the advance movement through a hydrostatic transmission that provides the John Deere 322 unlimited speeds underway and reverse. One of the biggest inconveniences of JD 322 is the simple fact that its rotation radius is very large. It is 0. 64 m (25 inches). Fortunately JD has solved this problem and now the newest models have a much smaller turn radius.

Fortunately, John Deere 322 has many large accessories and implements that are compatible with him. You can use quittings, front blades and many implements mounted in the rear such as scarifiers, scrapers and utilitarian cars. Obviously you can also attach a utilitarian car to the rear of the JD 322. If you are looking for other similar models of the 300 series, take a look at the John Deere 330 or John Deere 332. They are very similar but very popular models. In short, if you have the opportunity to acquire one of these hostages, then it will be worth it if you can confirm that you have not had any serious problems with previous owners. Although it is an ancient model, it will see it very regularly in use during the summer.

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