John Deere 8200


The Tractor John Deere 8200 is a larger version of the John Deere 8100 tractor, but it is not as great and powerful as the tractor John Deere 8400. The 3 tractors are part of the same series. The JD 8200 tractor is used mainly in farm farms that require a powerful machine for large toe. There is a range of engines for this tractor. Both engines are very similar. Both are models of 6 turbocharged cylinders that avoid overheating thanks to a liquid cooling system. The most obvious difference between the 2 engines is its total volume. The smallest engine has a 7. 6-liter displacement, while the largest engine has an 8. 1 liter displacement.

Both motor options in the John Deere 8200 tractor feed with diesel of a tank that can contain up to 511 liters (135 gallons USA). The JD 8200 engine is started with two 12 volt batteries. This configuration provides 1, 450 cold starting amps. The engine has an alternator of 140 amps to recharge the batteries. The engine feeds the closed hydraulic system. This hydraulic system has a capacity of 113. 6 liters of hydraulic fluid. The valve flow is 113. 6 liters per minute. The hydraulic system activates the rear hitch (category 3/3n). This gives it a total elevation capacity of 4, 717 kg (10, 400 lb). Using an elevation assistance cylinder, this lifting capacity can be increased to 6425 kg (14, 165 lbs).

Although the John Deere 8200 is no longer manufactured, it is still a relatively new machine (new models have not been manufactured since 1999) and remains one of the favorites among tillage farmers today. It can help potential buyers leaving a review of their experiences with the JD 8200 in the following form.

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