John Deere 76F


The John Deere 76F Orchard and Vineyard Tractor is the smallest orchard and vineyard tractor in JD’s current range. Larger tractors include the John Deere 85F and the John Deere 100F, while if you are looking for something much smaller you may find the John Deere 20A very useful. The JD 76F is powered by a Detroit Diesel engine made by VM. This turbocharged diesel engine is a 4-cylinder with a total volume of 2. 7 liters. The engine is liquid-cooled and produces 76 hp. The fuel tank of this tractor has a maximum capacity of 50 liters of diesel.

The John Deere 76F uses one of 2 different SyncShuttle transmissions to transfer power from the engine to the wheels. The first option offers the operator 8 speeds in forward gear and 8 also in reverse. The second option provides the JD 76F with 16 speeds (8 slow, 8 fast) in forward and 8 in reverse. It uses a dry clutch for gear changing. The open center hydraulic system on this tractor has a maximum operating pressure of 195 bar (2828 psi). The power steering has a maximum operating pressure of 135 bar (1958 psi).

The rear 3-point hitch on the John Deere 76F has a maximum safe lift capacity of 2, 300 kg (5, 300 lbs). One of the great advantages of the JD 76F is that it has a fantastic minimum turning radius of just 2. 9m when using the brakes. The tractor also has a fairly low center of gravity, which means it is very stable, even on steep slopes. The machine’s wheelbase is 1. 85 m (73 in). The transport weight of the tractor with the open operator position is 1, 900 kg. If you have an orchard or vineyard and need a tractor with a low profile, a differential lock and a low center of gravity, this tractor will suit your needs.

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