John Deere GX325


The John Deere GX325 spectacés is a step forward with respect to the John Deere GX255, although it is not as great as the John Deere GX335. The GX325 JD uses a Kawasaki FH321V gasoline engine of two ai r-cooled two cylinders. This engine yields 18 hp of power. Fortunately, it starts through the battery, which means that it is not necessary to pull a setback system to start it. This power is then feed through a hydrostatic transmission that gives this John deere grass cutter the infinite speeds that travel forward and the infinite speeds to also invest. You can control the speed through the forward or reverse pedal. The transmission requires a good amount of transmission fluid to continue working without problems (4. 7 liters to be precise).

The John Deere GX325 is quite flexible in terms of the types of platform that you can use to cut the grass. Unlike some hostages, the JD GX325 can work with a 3 8-inch platform, 42 inches, 48 inches or 54 inches. However, operators must take into account that if they use a larger cutting platform, it will have more difficulties to function effectively if the grass that is cutting is particularly long or very humid. If this is the case, then it will be better to use a smaller cut platform.

The John Deere GX325 is much heavier than some of the smallest models of JD corteped, with a weight of 296 kg (654 pounds). As such, the wheels are quite wide to help distribute this weight. The rear wheels measure 23 × 10. 5-12 (23 inches in diameter, 10. 5 width, 12 inches in tire diameter) while the front measures 16 × 6. 5-8 (16 inches in diameter, 6, 6, 6, 5 width, 8 inches in tire diameter). It also has the option of certain accessories with the JD GX325. You can add a snow blower, a chitanyevy blade, a front blade, a front unblocking, as well as many other useful implements.

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