Snapper SS522E Snow Blower


Snapper SS522E snow blower is a small snow blower from one stage. It is much smaller than the snopper snowy blower L1226E and much, much smaller than the snopper snowboard XL1738E. As a result, it also has a relatively small engine. It is propelled by a 4-stratton Briggs and Stratton engine that gives it only 5. 25 feet-torque. This singl e-stage snow blower can start using the traditional rope and backward mechanism. Or it can be started simply plugging it and pressing the electric start button.

The fuel tank of the snow blower of a Snapper SS522E stage may contain up to 1. 9 liters of gasoline. This allows a decent operating time before having to fill it. While its cleaning width is only 0. 56 m (22 inches), it has an admission height of 0. 3 m (12 inches). So, together, this singl e-stage snow blower is not large at all.

As snopper SS522E snow blower is such a small machine, it is not driven by wheels. Instead, use its endless to advance. When the auger turns, he grabs to the ground and throws forward. To ensure that it does not damage the ground when it comes into contact with it, the auger has been manufactured with rubber. This endless has a diameter of 0. 23 m (9 inches). As the SS522E is not a double stage launch, it does not have a driver to help get rid of snow. The total weight of the machine is only 42. 2 kg (93 pounds). If you are buying this quittings for personal use, then you can get it with a 2-year guarantee. However, if it is a commercial company, the guarantee only covers the first 30 days.

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