John Deere 4840


The tractor John Deere 4840 is the largest in the series that also includes the smallest tractors John Deere 4040, John Deere 4240 and John Deere 4440. The engine that drives the wheels and the hydraulic system of the JD 4840 is a designed and diesel engine andManufactured by John Deere. The engine has a total displacement of 7. 6 liters, distributed in 6 cylinders. The engine remains cold with a very large cooling system that can contain up to 37. 9 liters of water. A double paper air filter is used to keep dust and other particles outside the engine. The engine uses an intercover turbocharger to produce up to 181 hp.

The engine power reaches the John Deere 4840 wheels through a JD Powershift transmission. This gearbox provides the tractor 8 advance and 4 reverse speeds. Its maximum speeding speed is 29. 9 km/h, while in reverse is 10. 3 km/h. The total weight of JD 4840 is 8164 kg when it is in operation, while its maximum weight with ballast is 9239 kg. The total length of the tractor is 4. 49 m (177 inches). The rear hitch of the John Deere 4840 is category 3 and has a maximum elevation capacity of 3762 kg.

If you are looking for a slightly less powerful tractor of the same Iron Horse series, then you should take a look at the Tractor John Deere 4640. The community of Tractor Review would love to know her opinion on JD 4840. If you have ever had or operated one operated, then you can leave a review of your experiences below. Be sure to include as many details as possible to give potential buyers a good overview of what they can expect.

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