John Deere 8310R


Tractor John Deere 8310R obtains his power from a large Powertech PSX engine made by John Deere herself. This engine is a 6-cylinder diesel that has double turbocharger and provides 310 hp. The engine is refrigerated by liquid by means of a system that requires 41 liters of refrigerant. The engine remains lubricated by a pressurized system that has capacity for 27. 9 liters of oil. The use of this machine in cold climates is as simple as in warm climates thanks to the option of a motor block heater or a (pre) ether heater.

There are 2 gearboxes that come standard with the John Deere 8310R. One is a Powershift transmission that provides the JD 8310R 16 speeds when it moves forward, but only 4 when it goes back. If you are not satisfied with this gearbox, you can always opt for infinitely variable transmission that provides the tractor for unlimited speeds both forward and reverse, making it an automatic tractor. The engine operates the wheels, but also the hydraulic system. The hydraulic system of this tractor is closed center with flow compensation and works at a pressure of 200 bars (2, 900 psi).

There are several tractors in the 8R range, being the John Deere 8310R one of them. Other tractors of the range are the John Deere 8335R, the John Deere 8260r and the John Deere 8285r. One of the good things in this range of tractors is that when you buy one of them new, you can ask for a lot of optional extras. Obviously, the ballast is one of them, but there are also others, as a series of lighting configurations so you can handle it in the dark, as well as a radar that measures the real speed on the ground with great precision. It is also able to use a front loader.

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