Cub Cadet 221 HP Snow Blower


The Cub Cadet 221 HP Snow Blower is Cub Cadet’s basic snow blower model. There is also a variant of it called the Cub Cadet 221 LHP Snow Blower, but this article is going to focus on the regular 221HP Snow Blower. The engine that powers this snow blower is a Cub Cadet built 4-stroke engine that has a displacement of 0. 18 liters. This gives it enough power to tackle small to medium depths of snow. Fortunately it is very easy to start this snow blower. It comes with a 110V electric start button, which means there’s no need to worry about having to pull it to start it.

The Cub Cadet 221 HP snow blower has a clearing width of 21 inches (0. 53 m), while it has an intake height of 13 inches (0. 33 m). The auger used in the 221HP snow thrower’s cleanup area is 0. 23 m (9 in) in diameter. Unlike many other brands that use only steel augers, this auger is a rubber compound, reinforced with steel. This machine does not have a booster as it is a single stage snowthrower.

The Cub Cadet 221 HP Snow Blower’s chute can rotate up to 190 degrees so you can easily angle blown snow away from areas you want to keep clean. Since this snowthrower is small, the chute is turned manually by a large handle on the back of it. There is also a deflector at the top of the chute to more precisely control the direction of the snow. The fuel tank of this model has a capacity for 1. 9 liters of gasoline. The 221 HP is a very light snow thrower weighing only 39. 9 kg. It also has a folding handle that makes it very compact and easy to store.

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