Husqvarna 16530E Dual Stage Snow Blower


The doubl e-stage snow blower Husqvarna 16530E is one of the most powerful doubl e-stage snow blowers you can buy in Husqvarna. The 16530E is propelled by a 4-stratton Briggs and Stratton engine that has a 0. 34 liter displacement. This gives the machine a great power to deal with great snow cleaning tasks. Due to its power and size, the 16530E snow blower is often used by the professional snow cleaning equipment and the operators that need the power and extra size to deal with large amounts of snow. This is interesting since Husqvarna markets 16530E as a residential snow blower.

Tw o-stages Husqvarna qunieves 16530E is launched by plugging it into the current or using a traction cable boot system. The fuel tank of this 2-stage strip is capable of containing up to 3. 8 liters of gasoline, allowing many hours of operation before having to refuel. The endless this model is made of very resistant progressive stamped steel and has a diameter of 0. 3 m (12 inches), which means that even if the machine accidentally clashes with small branches or other waste, it will not break or deform, but it will simply cut them and throw them with the snow.

As the Husqvarna 16530E snow blower is a double stage snow blower, this means that once the snow has been crumbled by the endless, it moves towards the driver, which crumbles it even more and expels it through the duct. A great addition to the gutter in 16530E is that it has extension deflector to give the operator the maximum control as to where the snow expelled is sending. If you are looking for bigger snow blowers, then you may be interested in out of the snowboard from the dual stage of the Husqvarna 11524E Crown series or your slightest bigger brother, the blower ofSnow of the dual stage of the Husqvarna Crown Series 14527E. There is also a slightly improved version of this machine called Husqvarna 16530Exl. Husqvarna 16530Exl is a bit different, since it has a hydrostatic transmission.

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