John Deere 5620


The John Deere 5620 is a utility tractor that is popular among the small farmers they need to carry out a diverse number of tasks on their farm. The JD 5620 utractor tractor obtains its power from an engine built at home by the JD themselves. This engine is a 4045DL270 diesel engine. The engine uses a liquid cooling system that can contain up to 13. 5 liters of water. The lubrication system that keeps everything working without problems can contain 13 liters. The engine is a 4-cylinder model that uses natural aspiration. The total engine displacement is 4. 5 liters. The engine power is 72 hp.

The John Deere 5620 utractor tractor activates the wheels through a selection of 4 different power shoes. This allows the tractor to choose between 16 marches forward and back or 32 marches forward and backward, depending on the gearbox you choose. The engine also operates the hydraulic system of the JD 5620. This hydraulic system has a capacity of 52 liters. Its flow reaches 65. 1 liters per minute. It works at a pressure of 200 bars (2900 pounds per square inch). This hydraulic system feeds the rear hitch, which is a category model 2. This rear hitch has a maximum lifting capacity of 3, 773 kg. It also acts the front hitch, which has an elevation capacity of 2957 kg.

The rear wheels of the John Deere 5620 measure each 16. 9-30 (16. 9 inches of width, 30 inches in tire diameter) while the front wheels measure each 12. 4-24 (12. 4 inches of width, 24 inches in tire diameter). If you like the appearance of this machine, but you prefer a model with a little more power, then perhaps the John Deere 5720 or the John Deere 5820 tractors can be of interest to you, since they are part of the same series. Please let others know what you think of the JD 5620 leaving a comment below with your thoughts about it.

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