Massey Ferguson 8480


The Massey Ferguson 8480 is a huge and powerful tow tractor from MF. It is the largest tractor in the MF 8400 series (its little brothers are the Massey Ferguson 8470, Massey Ferguson 8460 and Massey Ferguson 8450). x Manufactured since 2004, it is very popular with farmers who need a powerful tractor capable ofto pull incredibly heavy loads. The engine that comes standard with the MF 8480 is a Sisu turbocharged diesel engine. This 8. 4-litre 6-cylinder engine produces a whopping 290bhp and uses a liquid intercooler system to prevent the engine from overheating. Use a double paper air filter to clean the air intake. To start the engine, the MF 8480 uses a Thermostart ignition. This engine is supported by a 4×4 MFWD 4WD chassis.

New owners can choose from a number of transmissions when purchasing the new Massey Ferguson 8480. They can opt for the DynaStep transmission, which offers 21 forward gears and 18 reverse gears. Or you can opt for a Dyna-VT transmission that offers the operator an infinite number of forward and reverse gears. Because the engine is so big, you’re probably right in thinking it consumes a lot of fuel. Therefore, you also need a large diesel tank. The tank has a capacity for 600 liters of diesel when filled from empty. This will allow operators to work for incredibly long periods without having to worry about needing to refuel.

As you may have guessed, the 3-point hitch on the Massey Ferguson 8480 is very strong and is a category 3 3-point hitch with a rear lift capacity of 6531 kg (14, 400 lbs). Obviously the MF 8480 needs powerful brakes when towing very heavy loads, so it uses independent hydraulic disc brakes to make sure you never lose control. The tractor weighs 9049 kg when shipped. This weight increases to 9, 239 kg when fully operational. But its maximum safe operating weight when fully ballasted is 14, 465 kg (31, 890 lbs). The length of the tractor is 5. 23 m (206 in). This tractor comes with a cab as standard.

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