John Deere 7520


The John Deere 7520 tractor is a very large machine. It was built as the largest version of the John Deere 7020 tractor. The JD 7520 tractor is built so that it can easily accommodate double wheels for an extra grip. This tractor was built on the JD plant in Waterloo, Iowa. The tractor was huge for the time (’72 -’75). Its total weight is 10, 124 kg (22, 320 pounds) and has a large wheelbase of 3. 04 m (120 inches). The four wheels of the tractor are the same size. The 2 standard sizes between which can be chosen are 18. 4-34 (18. 4 inches of width, 34 inches in tire diameter) or 23. 1-30 (23. 1 inches of width, 30 inches in diameter of diametertire).

The engine that operates the John Deere 7520 is designed and built at home by JD themselves. This engine is a turbocharged diesel that has a large displacement of 8. 7 liters. The engine is refrigerated by liquid and has a total of 6 cylinders. The 7520 JD engine uses a vacuum along with a double paper air filter to clean the air inlet and other particles. This engine works with a compression ratio of 15. 4 to 1. The engine feeds with diesel from a fuel tank of 416. 4 liters (110 gallons USA). Its maximum power is 175 hp.

The John Deere 7520 is supplied with 2 different gearboxes. A SYNCRO-RANGE HI-LO gearbox that offers 16 advance and 4 reverse speeds, or a normal Syncro-Russian gearbox that offers 8 progress and 2-reverse marches. JD 7520 was replaced in 1975 by the tractor John Deere 8630. If he has ever operated or had the 7520 tractor, be sure to leave a comment below with his thoughts about him to give others an idea of what one is. Be sure to include both the good and bad points you have found personally.

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