John Deere 9430T


The John Deere 9430T is almost exactly identical to the John Deere 9430, except for a crucial difference. Instead of having tractor tires, JD 9430T has caterpillars. As you can probably guess, the main benefit of having caterpillars is that you will have a better traction when pulling very heavy loads. The engine of this tractor is the same as that of JD 9430 normal. It is manufactured by JD and produces 425 hp that are transferred to the wheels through a PST (Powershift Transmission) transmission that provides the 18 marches to advance and 6 to go back and 6 to go back. The engine remains refrigerated thanks to a vari-cool fan system. This system adjusts the fan speed depending on engine cooling needs. Thus, if the engine is very hot, the fan will work double, while if the engine is quite cold, the fan will not rotate so fast.

There are a number of useful accessories that are compatible with the John Deere 9430T tractor. These include a rotating beacon light that warns people of the presence of the tractor, warning lights and a radar that measures the real speed of the terrain. The 3 12 volt batteries used to start the engine are recharged by an alternator of 200 amps.

The John Deere 9430T incorporates the very useful FieldCruise technology that allows the operator to accurately control the tractor speed. JD 9430T comes with a 4N/3 or 4/4n hitch that has a maximum elevation capacity of 7, 289 kg (16, 070 lbs). The total weight of the machine is 19, 504 kg (43, 000 lbs) which is really very large, making it one of the heaviest JD tractors. If you are looking for a larger model than this one, then you may be interested in checking the John Deere 9530t that is bigger and more powerful.

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