John Deere 790


The John Deere 790 is an agricultural tractor manufactured by John Deere. It also has a larger version based on 790, the John Deere 990.

The production of John Deere 790 began in 2000 and lasted seven years before stopping being manufactured in 2007.

The 3-cylinder engine was designed and manufactured by Yanmar. John Deere played the distributor role in this case. It is a 30 hp engine that probably sounds low if you compare it with some of the other agricultural tractors. With the power being on the minor side, fuel storage capacity obviously does not need to be very high and can store up to 24 liters of fuel. The engine is natural aspiration and works with diesel. Like most other tractors, the John Deere 790 also has a liquid cooling system and has a 4. 7-liter refrigerant storage capacity. It has a dry air filter. It has an oil capacity of 4. 1 liters.

The John Deere 790 has a type of no n-synchronized transmission. It has 2 marches back and 8 marches forward. The transmission of this tractor is activated with the clutch, the range of gear change and the gear change lever. To change the range of marches or march itself, it is essential to stop the tractor and use the clutch, which can sometimes be frustrating.

The shipping weight of JD 790 is 1, 930 pounds. It has a wheelbase of 60. 4 inches. Its height is 51. 2 inches, while its length is 87. 8 inches.

The John Deere 790 has an impressive cover of the host that has a cutting capacity as wide as 60 inches. The weight of the cutting platform is 325 pounds. It also has a high standard charger. The loader height is 77 inches and has a range of 62. 5 inches separation. The charger has a 4 6-inch land scope.

The John Deere 790 has manual direction, as well as an assisted hydrostatic direction. It has independent brakes of dry shoe. The 790 is equipped with 1 work battery.

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