John Deere 6300


The John Deere 6300 utility tractor, like the John Deere 6200, has a low-profile variant. This is the John Deere 6300L. This low profile model is preferred by users who need to use it in sheds with low ceilings or in orchards and nurseries that often have low branches that can get caught on the hood or cab of the tractor. The engine that drives the JD 6300L has been designed by John Deere himself. It is the model 4039. This engine is a turbocharged diesel that has a displacement of 3. 9 liters. The engine is cooled by a liquid cooling system that requires 11 liters of coolant and is kept lubricated by a system that needs to be filled with 12 liters of oil. Its power is 93 CV. The motor that drives the standard JD 6300 is similar. It is a CD4039, a 4-cylinder model that has a displacement of 3. 9 liters. The power of this engine is 80 hp.

Both the John Deere 6300 and the John Deere 6300L can choose between 4 different gearboxes to control their speed. There is a JD PowrQuad Creeper transmission that provides 28 forward and reverse gears. The regular PowrQuad transmission provides 16 forward and reverse gears. The SyncroPlus gives you 12 forward speeds and just 4 reverse. The last option is a SyncroPlus Creeper that gives you 21 forward gears and 7 when in reverse.

Both the John Deere 6300 and John Deere 6300L are fantastic utility tractors that can handle a wide variety of attachments (such as the JD 620, JD 640SL and JD 640NSL front end loaders). Although their production ended in the 1990s, they are still popular and highly regarded today. If you have ever used a JD 6300 utility tractor, you can leave a review of your experiences with it in the field below.

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