John Deere 4410


The John Deere 4410 compact utractor tractor is a very useful tractor capable of performing a wide variety of tasks. The most important thing for farm owners and large gardens is that it has a central force that activates a wide range of large cutting platforms. It also has a TDF in the rear along with a hitch of 3 points of category one that can work with a wide variety of tools, from drag seals to aerators, sprayer and plows. The rear hitch lifting capacity is 997 kg. The hydraulic system is open center and has a capacity of 25. 7 liters to feed the implements. The hydraulic system works at 172. 4 bars (2500 psi).

Depending on your preferences, you can acquire the John Deere 4410 with a hydrostatic transmission or with a normal gearbox. Hydrostatic transmission is an ehydro model that provides infinite speeds in 3 ranges (HI, medium, lo) and drives the JD 4410 to a maximum speed of 28. 2 km/h (17. 5 mph). The most orthodox gearbox is an ePowreverser that provides the compact utility tractor 12 speeds both forward and back. The maximum speed of the tractor with this transmission is 24. 1 km/h.

The engine that propels the John Deere 4410 is a 3-cylinder model of Yanmar fueled by diesel. The engine uses a liquid cooling system to evacuate the heat of the engine. This cooling system has a capacity of 5. 7 liters of water. The engine lubrication system has a 4. 3-liter tank. In the engine, you will notice a dr y-type air filter that prevents dust and other particles from entering the engine. If you want to know other models of the series similar to this, take a look at the John Deere 4210 or John Deere 4310 tractors.

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