John Deere 667A


The John Deere 667a Quik Trak is the largest of the current range of JD’s foo t-standing. The smallest models include the John Deere 647a Quik Trak and the John Deere 657a Quik-Trak. The engine that drives the JD 667A is a 0. 675 liter Kawasaki engine. This ai r-cooled engine produces 23 hp and feeds with gasoline of a fuel tank with capacity for 22. 7 liters (6 US gallons). The hydrostatic transmission of this corteped provides a maximum speed of 13. 7 km/h.

The John Deere 667a Quik Trak cutting platform has a 6-inch cutting width and is built of a single piece of 7-caliber steel that is less likely to be damaged or fracture compared to the similar size of the sizes of similar size thatThey are built from multiple pieces. The Platform of the Corteped in the JD 667A has 4 small anti-scarf plastic wheels located at the front of the same that prevent it from getting hooked on the ground and scrape it, potentially leaving ugly marks. The cutting platform consists of 3 small blades. The cutting platform can be raised up to 5 inches above the grass that is cutting and as low as 1. 5 inches above the grass. The elevation and descent are made in very small increases of 0. 25 inches, which allows you to reach the height you choose. The entire climb and descent can be done while the operator is standing in the machine.

The John Deere 667a Subscription platform is floating, so it will always get a uniform cut (instead of random long grass and bald patches). If you possess and have possessed a JD 667a, then please leave a comment from him below for people to know what he liked and what he did not like about him. Be sure to include any modification or problem you have with it.

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