John Deere 6140D


The John Deere 6140D is one of the mi d-range utractor tractors of the 6000 JD range. The tractor is assembled at the Saltillo plant, located in Mexico, as well as the rest of the 6000 series, such as the John Deere 6100D, the John Deere 6115D and the John Deere 6130D. The tractors are equipped with a Powertech engine made by JD. The model number of this engine is 4045H. This 4-cylinder and 8 valves engine has an intercover turbocharger and works with diesel. The engine has a 4. 5-liter displacement and a 19: 1 compression ratio. The motor start is left in the hands of a 1 2-volt battery produced by 925 cold starting amps. This battery is recharged through a 90 amps alternator.

The John Deere 6140D comes in a range of configurations, but above all defined by 2 specific characteristics. The first is if it is a 2WD or MFWD chassis. The second is whether the JD 6140D has a cabin or open operator (both with Rops). The tractor includes a series of halogen lights as standard. However, you can also acquire additional light packages to improve your performance when you work in the dark.

John Deere 6140D can work with normal diesel or biodiesel. The maintenance of the JD 6140D is relatively simple. You can quickly access the engine and the rest of the controls thanks to the tilting cap that protects the engine, which makes the maintenance very efficient. If you own one of these utilitarian tractors, do not hesitate to leave a review of it below so that others know what they should expect to possess it. Do not forget to include details about what satisfies you and what disappoints the tractor.

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