John Deere 2500B Precision Cut


The John Deere 2500b precision cut with driver is available with diesel or gasoline engine. The diesel engine is a Yanmar TNV70-XJGM. This engine produces 19. 6 hp. The filter that cleanses the air inlet of dust and other particles is a doubl e-stage air filter, dry cyclonic sem i-type. The engine uses a liquid cooling system to avoid overheating during operation. The fully pressurized lubrication system has a total flow oil filter. The Yanmar Diesel engine is 3 cylinders with a total displacement of 0. 784 liters. The gasoline engine is a Kawasaki FD 620D model. This engine is 4 times with head valves. The gasoline engine produces 19. 9 hp and uses the same type of air filter as the Yanmar Diesel model. The total kawasaki engine displacement is 0. 585 liters. It is a bicylindrical that is also liquid refrigerated.

The John Deere 2500b Precision Cut Speaker with Diesel Yanmar engine starts with a 12 volt battery recharged by a 20 amps alternator. The JD 2500b with Kawasaki engine also starts with a 12 volt battery, but recharges with a 16 amps alternator. The 2500 B Precision Cut is slowed down by means of a pedal controlled disc brakes.

The maximum speed of the John Deere 2500b precision cut is quite impressive: 13. 7 km/h when the cut is stopped. When the reaper is connected, its maximum speed is much lower, only 6. 4 km/h. The fuel tank of the JD 2500B cortempted can contain up to 29. 9 liters. Fortunately, this corteped is accessed hydrostically, which means that you will never have to worry about the change of gears.

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