John Deere LESCO SL80A

Unknown to some, John Deere also makes a range of equipment under other names. Many are familiar with the John Deere Saber series of mowers. But few know that John Deere also owns and operates the LESCO brand. Under this brand they also make a wide range of lawn mowers and other machinery. The John Deere LESCO SL80A is an example of the mowers they make. This is a walk-behind mower with a zero turning radius, allowing it to operate in very tight and confined areas. The LESCO SL80A is powered by a Kawasaki two-cylinder engine that produces 19 hp. This 0. 585 liter engine runs at 3600 RPM and has a vertically aligned crankshaft.

The John Deere LESCO SL80A’s engine is key-started via a 12-volt battery. This battery is recharged during operation via a 15 amp alternator. As the JD LESCO SL80A is a zero-turn mower, the transmission that transfers power from the engine to the wheels is a dual hydrostatic Hydro-Gear model, allowing you to control the speed and direction of each rear wheel independently. Even though this is a walk-behind mower, it’s still very agile with a top speed of 9 mph (14. 5 kph).

The cutting deck on the John Deere LESCO SL80A has a 34-inch width of cut, but it’s actually considerably wider once the discharge chute is lowered. The machine is quite short, with a length of only 1. 41 m (55. 5 inches). The total weight of the machine, before refueling or adding engine oil, is 412. 8 kg. If you are looking for a larger LESCO mower from John Deere, you may be interested in the John Deere LESCO SL85A or John Deere LESCO SL88A mowers.

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