Kubota GR2120


The Kubota GR2120 Specker Tractor is the largest of the 2 Models of the GR Kubota series. If you want to know more about the Kubota GR2020 cut, click here. The GR 2120 has a selection of cutting platforms with which it can be used. It is a cutting platform with a 4 8-inch cut width or a platform with a 5 4-inch cutting width. Both platforms connect to the tractor through a parallel hitch system. The cu t-off platform has a 3-inch cutting range. Its lowest operating height is 1 inch above the ground and its highest operating height is 4 inches above the ground. The elevation and descent of the platform is made in small increases of 0. 25 inches. Both platforms have 3 blades.

The Kubota Gr2120 Cortor Tractor is quite heavy, weighs 440 kg. He obtains his power of a Diesel D782 engine. This engine has a displacement of 0. 778 liters and is 3 cylinders. The engine is not overheat thanks to a liquid cooling system. The fuel tank supplied to GR2120 may contain up to 18 liters (4. 8 US gallons). This engine activates the top of the cortesped by passing the power through a humid multidiscus hydraulic clutch of the TDF. Act the wheels passing its power through a hydrostatic transmission that makes the cortesped automatic without changing march.

The speed of the Kubota GR2120 is controlled by a pedal. It has a maximum speed of 10 kph (6. 2 mph) when it moves forward and 5 kph (3. 1 mph) when it goes back. This GR 2120 comes standard with cruise control. You will be happy to know that it is a very versatile machine thanks to the fact that it can be used with a 46 snow blower during winter or with a 4 8-inch front blade to clean snow/rubble. It also has a rear burn to collect the cut grass.

3 Reviews of the Kubota GR2120

I am a 5th generation farmer who operates a farm of considerable trees initiated by my parents in 1973; We have had 6 Kubota seasons since 1986 and the GR2120 is not on par with the previous machines. My father’s first Kubota was a B8200 of 86 to which we gave more than 7000 hours of use during the 22 years that was in operation before changing it for a larger B7800 4×4. At the same time, Dad bought a T1670, that 2019 GR2120 was supposed to replace, but we have decided to repair the 14 years of age 1670 instead of trusting the 2120 that is problematic and too rough to mount for my old mother who stillEnjoy cutting the grass. At first, the 2120 continued to advance for 3-4 seconds after lifting the foot of the hydraulic pedal, and during that time, the brake did not work! Several settings later, the distributor cannot eliminate that problem completely. We are still negotiating with Kubota Corp @ a solution. The 2 smaller T1400 cuts that we worn were also better than this 2120 in regards to hydraulic transmission, and definitely better than the numerous cheaper bastards that barely lasted 2 seasons between 1973 and 1986.

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